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CONQUEROR OUTDOORS   01- (562) 524-2002CONQUEROR OUTDOORS   01- (562) 524-2002CONQUEROR OUTDOORS   01- (562) 524-2002CONQUEROR OUTDOORS   01- (562) 524-2002CONQUEROR OUTDOORS   01- (562) 524-2002
CONQUEROR OUTDOORS 01- (562) 524-2002
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Product Description: At less than 4 pounds with a 30 inch axle-to-axle and a 6 inch brace height, the AVAIL is compact and provides women truly unmatched performance. Featuring draw lengths that range 22 to 28 inches and draw weight up to 60 pounds, the AVAIL delivers speeds up to 320 feet per second (IBO speed at 30" draw would be 340 fps). Its CROSSCENTRIC cam and AVS technology produce a smooth draw and consistent accuracy while conveying massive downrange energy. Specifications: I BO Rating: Up to 320 FPS  Axle-to-Axle: 30"  Brace Height: 6"  Physical Weight: 3.96 LBS  Let-Off: 80%  Draw Weights: 40, 50 & 60 LBS  Draw Lengths: 22-28"  Half-Sizes : 22.5-27.5"  Cam: Crosscentric Finish options available in Black, Lost Camo XD, OPTIFADE Elevated II, OPTIFADE Subalpine, RIDGE REAPER Forest and RIDGE REAPER Barren.


Product Description: THE BEST PURE HUNTING BOW EVER The TRIAX by Mathews is a compact, maneuverable bow that`s deadly accurate and insanely quiet. Powered by our award-winning Crosscentric Cam system , and featuring our all-new 3D Damping technology , the TRIAX is built on a 28" ATA platform with a 6" BH and delivers up to 343 feet per second for the ultimate stealth rig. Crosscentric Cam System High-efficiency cam system that provides accurate energy with an incredibly smooth draw. Dual Bridged Riser The dual bridged riser design is built for more durability. True Center Nocking Point A true center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot accuracy. Advanced Vectoring System During the draw cycle, AVS technology vectors forces to maintain cam synchronization, enhance energy storage and increase efficiency. All-New 3D Damping Technology The there are three perceived axes of vibration stemming from the point of contact- your grip. The design and location of the new Enhanced Harmonic Stabilizer (EHS) diminishes all three paths of residual vibration, drastically reducing post shot noise and general elimination felt receipt solvent. Specifications: IBO Rating: Up to 343 FPS Axle-to-Axle: 28" Brace Height: 6" Physical Weight: 4.4 LBS Let-Off: 75 or 85% Draw Weights: 50, 60 & 70 LBS Draw Lengths: 25-30" Half-Sizes: 24.5-30.5" Cam: Crosscentric Finish options available in Optifade Elevated II, Optifade Subalpine, Ridge Reaper Forest, Ridge Reaper Barren, Lost Camo XD, Stone, and Black. .


Product Description: Mission's Sniper-Lite crossbow creates a smooth shooting experience, in its Lost Camo AT finish. A user-friendly and easy to cock crossbow that weighs in under 6LBS and is designed for unparalleled balance and accuracy. Combined with maximum ajustability, the Sniper-Lite is a crossbow that anyone can handle.  The ultra smooth draw cycle self-centers the string for consistent nock travel. The bow also features the Adjustable Limb Retention System (ALRS) Technology. The Sniper-Lite does not have a foot stirrup, instead it is machined into the riser of the bow - Reducing the over alll length of the crossbow to less than 33 inches! Basic Package includes: Hawke 4x32 Wire Reticle, Non Illuminated Scope, 3 Mission Bolt/Arrows, Mission MX-3 Quiver (Black finish only), Mission Cocking Aid, and Rail Lube. SPECIFICATIONS:    SPEED : 310FPS.  DRAW WEIGHT: 150 LBS. PHYSICAL WEIGHT:  5.96LBS. POWER STROKE: 14". LENGTH: 32.75". WIDTH (AXLE-TO-AXLE): 17.75". PRO PACKAGE:                 1.    Hawke XB-1 1.5x32 SR Etched Reticle.              2.    2-Color Illuminated Scope, Variable Speed.                       3.    Match Grade Rings.           4.    3 Mission Bolt/ Arrows.                 5.    Mission MX-3 Quiver (Black Finish Only).       6.    Mission Cocking Aid.                 7.    Rail Lube. Manufacturer Models: Sniper Lite (Basic Kit) - XK023 Sniper Lite (Pro Kit) - XK025


Product Description: Designed to be the most accurate ,quiet , easy to use crossbow on the market, the SUB-1 crossbow consistently delivering groups less that 1" at 100 yards and features an innovative trigger system that has the ability to safely de-cock with the push of a button. included in the sub-1 is a supeior fire control mechanism- otherwise known as the bench mark fire control. The easy- load arrow retention arm makes the bow easy to load but gives optimal pressure to hold your bolt in place and reduces noise and vibration. The sub-1 holds the ability to de-cock the bow without shooting it off. Bow is cocked, and anti-dry fire mechanism. the sub-1 comes with a fully integrated foot stirrup. Accessory options available to archer are an external foot stirrup and RSD crank system. With its compact frame and uncomproming commit ment to high quality materials, the SUB-1 promises an unmatched shootng experience. The Sub-1 comes with a carrying case to transport your crossbow sfely and securely.Avaiable in bow only or in a package. SPECIFICATIONS: Speed: 350 FPS. Draw Weight: 200 LBS. Trigger Pull: 3.4 LBS. Power Stroke: 13.75". Width Cocked: 10.7". Width Uncocked: 13.8". Length: 30.25". Weight: 7.5 LBS. PRO PACKAGE:                 1.    Hawke XB-1 1.5x32 SR Etched Reticle.              2.    2-Color Illuminated Scope, Variable Speed.                       3.    Match Grade Rings.           4.    3 Mission Bolt/ Arrows.                 5.    Mission MX-3 Quiver (Black Finish Only).       6.    Mission Cocking Aid.                 7.    Rail Lube. Available in Black and Forest colors. Manufacturer Models: Sub-1 Black (Bow Only) - S1BK Sub-1 Black (Pro Kit) - XK031 Sub-1 Forest (Bow Only) - S1CA Sub-1 Forest (Pro Kit) - XK032 .


Product Description: The 400 crossbow comes in a Lost Camo AT finish and features our highly-efficient X-cam Technology! This crossbow stores massive energy in a smooth draw cycle to produce up to 400+ FPS! This crossbow stores massive energy in a smooth draw cycle to produce up to 400+FPS. Combined with its well-balanced and ergonomic platform, this crossbow delivers high speed, maneuverability and durability. The Adjustable Limb Retention System allows you to back the weight down the bow, as well as the ability to replace the string without putting the bow into a bowpress. Stock can be adjusted for length of pull. Integrated finger guards, automatic safety design, and anti-dry fire mechanism create the perfect safety design. SPECIFICATIONS:         Speed: 400+ FPS.              Draw Weight: 200 LBS.          Power Stroke: 14".              Width (Axle-to-Axle): 17.75".               Length: 34".                   Weight: 6.9 LBS. PRO PACKAGE:                 1.    Hawke XB-1 1.5x32 SR Etched Reticle.              2.    2-Color Illuminated Scope, Variable Speed.                       3.    Match Grade Rings.           4.    3 Mission Bolt/ Arrows.                 5.    Mission MX-3 Quiver (Black Finish Only).       6.    Mission Cocking Aid.                 7.    Rail Lube. Manufacturer Models: 400 Basic Kit - XK007 400 Pro Kit - XK009


Product Description: The Charge is a triple threat in its Lost Camo AT finish and ultra-compact design!     Part of its compact design is due to the stirrup being machined into the rise. The Charge delivers a great balance of speed, accuracy and stealth. Smart Guide Slide, it provides an ultra-smooth draw cycle for easy cocking. With the ability to  adjust comb and length of pull, and our ALRS (Adjustable Limb Retention System) Technology, the Charge can be customized to fit any shooter. Wider limbs result in less torque, propelling bolts down range at up to 365 FPS with nock splitting accuracy. The Charge comes with its own case to transport oyour crossbow safely and securely! If you're looking for the ultimate in accuracy and the ultimate in performance-at long range distances-the Charge is the bow you need to check out. Available in bow only or in a package. SPECIFICATIONS : Speed: 365 FPS.           Draw Weight: 225 LBS.           Power Stroke: 12.75". Width (Axle-to Axle): 17.8".          Length: 32".       Weight: 6.9 LBS. PRO PACKAGE:                 1.    Hawke XB-1 1.5x32 SR Etched Reticle.              2.    2-Color Illuminated Scope, Variable Speed.                       3.    Match Grade Rings.           4.    3 Mission Bolt/ Arrows.                 5.    Mission MX-3 Quiver (Black Finish Only).       6.    Mission Cocking Aid.                 7.    Rail Lube. Manufacturer Models: Charge (Basic Kit) - XK026 Charge (Pro Kit) - XK028 . . 


Product Description: Barnett`s WHITETAIL PRO STR crossbow comes in Trubark HD, primarily assembled. This state of the art crossbow features fiberglass composite Step- Through Riser, Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, ADF(Anti-Dry Fire) Trigger System, MIM(Metal Injection Molded) Trigger, CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track, 1 Picatinny Rail, String Dampeners, Finger Safety Reminders, and Pass Trough Foregrip. Also allows for the integration of a Crank Cocking Device. Manufacturer Model: BAR78004 .


Product Description: THE NEW DEFINITION OF CROSSBOW Barnett's most popular bow just got an upgrade. The Raptor PRO STR still has all the nice features you've come to expect from the Raptor series (impressive speed, aluminum rail, side mount quiver, and- most notably-an improved stock that`s longer and much more comfortable for full-framed shooters. Barnett doesn`t take adding [Pro" to a product name lightly!) The RAPTOR PRO STR crossbow comes in Realtree Xtra, mostly assembled. This crossbow features fiberglass composite Step-Through Riser, Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, ADF(Anti-Dry Fire) Trigger System, MIM (Metal Injection Molded ) Trigger, CNC Machined Aluminum Flight Track, 1 Picatinny Rail, String Dampeners, Finger Safety Reminders, and Pass-Through Foregrip. Also allows for the integration of a Crank Cocking Device. Manufacturer Model: BAR78005


Product Description: You'll be unseen and unheard with this blacked out, tricked out crossbow at your side. You'll also be comfortable. The TS 370 features a sleek, streamlined stock that adjusts to fit each user. We cut down on unnecessary bulkiness with the stock, but made sure to add all the bells and whistles where you need them: an aluminum flight track gives a premium finish, string dampeners quiet string vibration and a 4x32 multi-reticle scope improves accuracy. The TS 370 looks good, and performs even better. Barnett's TS370 crossbow comes in Black, mostly assembled with Stainless Steel Components. This crossbow features ADF (anti-dry fire) Trigger System, Soft -Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, MIM (metal injection molded) Trigger, 3 Picatinny Rails, allows for the integration of a Crank Cocking Device, Adjustable Butt Stock, Finger Safety Reminders, and Pass-Through Foregrip. Manufacturer Model: BAR78001


Product Description: YOUR NEW LOYAL HUNTING BUDDY You can always depend on Barnett`s Droptine STR crossbow to feel good, shoot straight and deliver results. It`s got all the trademarks of a staple crossbow, with some notable upgrades. The step-through riser removes the need for a foot stirrup . it gives the droptine a longer power stroke with 385 feet per second of hard-hitting speed. It`s faithful, and it`s not your grandpa`s crossbow either. Realtree edge adds modern good looks that will bring on the hurt.   The Droptine offers Trigger Tech Frictionless Release Technology, Single Bolt Assembly, Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer, and Fiberglass Composite Step-Through Riser. This crossbow offers ease with its Anti-Dry Fire(ADF) Trigger System, Finger Safety Reminders, Metal Infection Molded(MIM) Trigger, and is Crank Cocking Device compatible. Manufacturer Model: BAR78003


Product Description: The all-new PSE Thrive 400 crossbow takes the Thrive crossbow platform to the next level! Engineered with reverse cam technology to shoot at a sizzling 400 FPS in speed, and enhanced with an upgraded accessory package, the Thrive 400 delivers unbelievable performance. Specifications: Speed: 400-390 FPS Kinetic Energy: 142 FT. LBS Draw Weight: 175 LBS Mass Weight: 6.7 LBS Axle-to-Axle: 18 1⁄4" Power Stroke: 17" Length w/Folded Stirrup: 32" Full Length: 35" Trigger: Auto Safety & ADF Package Includes: 5 Bolt Quiver 4- 22" Carbon Thunder Bolts w/100 GR Bullet Points 1- 22" Discharge Bolt String Stops 4x32 Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope Limb Bands Cocking Rope Rubber Coated, Folding Foot Stirrup Rail Lube Soft Touch Grip & Cheek Rest Available in Kryptek Highlander. Manufacturer Model: 01305KH


Product Description: HAND-HELD CROSSBOW FUN One of the most popular recreational crossbows on the market is all-new and better than ever! The Viper SS Handheld is easy to use and fun to shoot. It rockets PSE's  Frenzy bolts to your target at up to 215 FPS.   Includes: Open Sight Integrated Cocking Mechanism with Safety Lock, which Serves as a 2nd Safety Auto Safety & Anti-Fire Trigger Finger Guard For Hand Safety Track Style Rail for Precision Shooting 3 Frenzy Bolts   Specifications: Draw Weight: 50 Lbs. Mass Weight: 1.6 Lbs. Speed: 215 FPS For ages 18 and over (Under 18 - Parental Supervision Required) Manufacturer Model: 42199


Product Description: The Fang LT is a super compact and lightweight crossbow that shoots up to 330 FPS, delivering high performance!   The PSE LT Crossbow Package is perfect for the woods because of its lightness, fastness and easy to maneuver. The 4 x 32 MR Scope lets you shoot with pinpoint accuracy. Rubber-coated foot stirrup for easy cocking and soft coat trigger grip for a great feel. Specifications: Speed: 330-320 FPS Power Stroke: 12 3⁄4" Axle-to-Axle: 19 1⁄8" Overall Length w/Stirrup: 32" Mass Weight: 5.8 LBS Kinetic Energy: 97 FT. LBS Draw Weight: 165 LBS Fang TM LT Package Includes: String Stops 4x32 MR Scope Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger Five Bolt Quiver 3 20" Carbon Bolts with 100 Grain Bullet Points Cocking Roper Rail Lube Foot Stirrup Soft Coat Trigger Grip Manufacturer Models: 01320CY - Fang LT - Mossy Oak Country 01320MG - Fang LT - Muddy Girl Camouflage


Product Description: TenPoint`s Vortec RDX is an innovative Horton crossbow! With bloodlines rooted in the elite quality, durability, and performance TenPoint owners have come to expect, Horton crossbows feature precision-engineered reverse-draw technology designed for superior balance and efficiency to seize your season -defining moment. Incredibly compact. Perfectly Balanced, Deadly Accurate. Stunningly compact and perfectly balanced, the NEW Vortec RDX is tuned to achieve an ideal ratio of power, handling, and accuracy in an economically-priced, hunter-friendly package. Specifications: Speed: Up to 340 FPS Power: 103 FP KE Length: 34.25" Width Cocked: 9.125" Width Uncocked: 14.875" Power Stroke: 15.5" Weight: 7.6 LBS Package Options: ACUdraw, ACUdraw 50 & Dedd Sled 50 Rope Cocker Packages Optics: TenPoint 3x Pro-View Scope Quiver: Horton 3 Arrow Quiver Cocking Device: ACUDraw , ACUdraw 50 or Dedd Sled 50 Rope Cocker Arrows: 3 Pack of 400-Grain Carbon Arrows with 100-Grain Practice Points Available in Mossy Oak Country. Manufacturer Models: NH17060-5522 - ACUdraw Package NH17060-5527 - ACUdraw 50 Package NH17060-5524 - Dedd Sled 50 Package . .

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12 Crossbow Do's and 3 Don'ts

12 Crossbow Do's and 3 Don'ts ---by Bob Robb When I first started shooting modern crossbows several years ago, I had no idea what to expect. Like many who had never played with them, these tools confused me. I had seen them on TV, but without ever handling one, I wasn`t sure about a lot of things. How do you load one? How do you pull the string back? What`s the trigger like? Do they kick, like a rifle? Are they noisy? Are they accurate? How far away can you accurately shoot one? Do they have enough power to kill a deer? Was I in for a surprise! Modern crossbows are fast, accurate, and plenty powerful enough to cleanly take the largest big-game animals in North America. They are also a pleasure to shoot. To get the most out of your crossbow, you need to understand the basics of how to set one up for hunting and how to shoot it. Here are 12 tips to make you a crossbow-shooting machine, using a crossbow-and-arrow set-up designed specifically for hunting big game. 1. Buy the Best You Can Afford There`s a big difference between an el cheapo, bargain-basement crossbow and a top-of-the-line model. Sure, the bargain model costs a lot less, but it will not be built as well, be as accurate or reliable, and sooner or later it will fail you when the moment of truth arrives. You can buy crossbow packages that include everything you need to get out shooting and hunting-crossbow, a few arrows and arrow points, a scope sight, cocking device and quiver-from anywhere between about $800 to $1,500. As in all things in life, here you get what you pay for. Spend a few more dollars and get the best you can. You`ll never be sorry. 2. Use Enough Draw Weight The principle specification that distinguishes a hunting crossbow from a target model is draw weight. Fortunately, most states have taken the guesswork out of determining what is sufficient by establishing a regulatory minimum. While those regulations vary considerably from state to state, the overall range runs from 75 to 125 pounds of draw weight. With little exception, any crossbow in that range should be adequate to kill a whitetail deer at moderate ranges. That said, most of the better hunting crossbows are in the 150 to 175 pounds range, with a few topping out over 200 pounds. In general, bigger is better-or in this case, faster. Keep in mind that you can go too heavy, too, as at least one state-Ohio-has a maximum allowable draw weight of 200 pounds. 3. Shoot a Fast Enough Arrow Both crossbow and compound bow makers continually strive to push the speed envelope. You make a crossbow faster by increasing the draw weight. That`s why the above point is so important. How fast is fast enough? I like my crossbows to shoot a hunting-weight arrow with an initial velocity of at least 300 feet per second (fps.) That will both give your arrow enough kinetic energy (K.E.) to cleanly take any big-game animal, and reduce arrow trajectory at longer ranges, which makes accurate shooting easier. Some crossbows are beginning to push the 400 fps envelope, so look for improvements in this number across the board in coming years. 4. Use a Scope Sight Though some crossbows still come with open sights, you will be much better served using some sort of scope sight. These optical sighting devices make accurate shooting much easier. For magnification, you can choose from just about anything between zero power and 5X. Inside the scope is the reticle, defined as some configuration of horizontal and vertical crosshairs-though for crossbows, it also includes any object projected or suspended across the field of view. Choices begin with a simple, single red dot or crosshair. With them you sight in for a fixed distance, typically 20 yards, then have to compensate for longer shots by holding higher. Multi-reticle scopes are the most popular, particularly those with three to four dots or horizontal crosshairs. The top one is sighted in for 20 yards and the next two are fixed at intervals that will be dead-on at 30, 40 and 50 yards, respectively, on most bows. 5. Use Quality Arrows Unless your arrows (or bolts) fly like laser beams, you`ll never be able to precisely hit your target. Cheap arrows manufactured to sloppy tolerances will fly like a knuckleball. That`s why you should use only the very best arrows, designed specifically for crossbow shooting, you can afford. Many crossbow companies sell arrows, but they`re made for them by arrow manufacturers like Gold Tip, Carbon Express and Easton. Make sure they have a nock designed for crossbows, not compound bows, are cut to the proper length and have the proper fletches. Both carbon and aluminum arrows work well, but by far the most rugged and high-tech are made from carbon. 6. Use Quality Broadheads The business end of a hunting arrow is the broadhead. There are more makes, models and styles of hunting broadheads available than you can shake a stick at. Here again, the most expensive are generally those built to the tightest tolerances, with the sharpest blades, that fly straight and true, and have a long track record of success. Both replaceable-blade and mechanical broadhead designs will work well for crossbow shooters, with the mechanical design becoming more and more popular each year. The most common weight for a hunting broadhead is 100 grains, with 125 grains a distant second. 7. Take a Rest A crossbow is somewhat heavy and clunky, making it almost impossible to accurately shoot without using some sort of rest. That can be everything from using standard rifle shooting positions like kneeling and sitting, to using a set of shooting sticks or monopod, to using a shooting rail in a tree stand or shooting house. I never, ever turn an arrow loose from my crossbows without taking a rest of some kind. When using a rest, try padding the crossbow`s forearm with something soft-your hand, a rolled-up jacket, a day pack, something-which will help absorb recoil and make precise sighting easier than if you shoot off a hard surface. 8. Learn Arrow Trajectory All arrows fired from a crossbow travel downrange in a large parabolic arc. Your crosshairs are set to hit dead-on at specific distances, but often you`ll be shooting at a deer or other animal between these distances. When you practice you`ll soon learn where you have to place your crosshairs relative to the animal to hit the [tweener" ranges. 9. Use a Rangefinder With the click of a button, a modern laser rangefinder can instantaneously give you the exact distance from you to the target-a critical bit of information in accurate shooting when you are lobbing an arrow at the target. The best laser rangefinders are as reliable as the sunrise. My Nikon Archer`s Choice model even tells me exactly where to aim when shooting at steep uphill and downhill angles. Costing somewhere between $250 and $400, they`re a lifetime investment worth every penny. 10. Get a `Feel` For the Trigger Every crossbow has a trigger unique unto itself. You need to shoot your crossbow enough so that you know exactly when the trigger will send the arrow on its way. Shoot both with and without gloves so you know how both feel (it will be different). 11. Practice in the Field The old axiom, [practice makes perfect," certainly applies to shooting your crossbow. Once you get it set up and sighted in, spend some time shooting off a bench rest. Use these sessions to precisely set your sights and get a feel for the trigger. However, you then need to move away from the bench and practice taking shots that simulate actual hunting conditions. Shoot from the kneeling and sitting positions. Climb into your tree stand or ground blind and take shots at the same angles and distances you anticipate you`ll be taking during hunting season. Learn to use your shooting sticks or monopod quickly, quietly and efficiently. 12. Maintain String, Rail, Trigger A crossbow is a machine, which means it will need regular maintenance if it is to keep on ticking like a fine Swiss watch. That means you should always check the string and cables for wear. This is very important on a crossbow because you have direct string-to-rail contact, which creates friction and abrasion, with every shot. At the first sign of fraying or abnormal wear, replace them. You can reduce the need for replacement with regular maintenance. Keep the string, cables and center serving clean and well maintained after each practice session, and especially after each trip to the field. Make sure you lubricate the center serving, and the rails should also be regularly lubed per the manufacturer`s instructions. Don`t Do This! There are some real mistakes that can cost you accuracy and/or lead to injury if you are not careful when shooting a crossbow. Here are the three most common: 1. Watch Fingers & Thumb Many shooters used to shooting rifles have a tendency to stick the fingers of the hand that holds the rifle`s forearm straight up in the air when they cradle the rifle. If you do this with a crossbow, you risk placing your digits in the path of a bowstring that is rocketing down the rail and will slice the fingers and/or thumb to the bone. Never, ever do this! 2. Don`t Shoot Off-Hand The construction of a crossbow puts a lot of weight in its front end, making it very difficult to balance when trying to shoot from the off-hand position. Even the very best rifle shooters only shoot off-hand as a last resort. You`ll be much better off learning to shoot quickly from the kneeling and sitting positions, and when using shooting sticks or a rail for a rock-solid rest. 3. Shoot Outside Your Own MESR Many years ago, I coined a phrase for bowhunters, Maximum Effective Shooting Range, or MESR. Your MESR is the maximum distance you can consistently place a hunting arrow into the bullseye. For some crossbow hunters that`s 20 yards; for others it is 60 yards. For most of us, it is somewhere in between. You will learn your own MESR as you practice. At some point, you just won`t be plunking that arrow into the bullseye on a regular basis. When that happens, it`s time to back off a few yards until you are once again placing at least 90 percent of your shots into the center of the target. At the same time, you should try and push the envelope and stretch your MESR in small (say, 5-yard) increments. But once I get into the field and I know my own MESR is, say, 40 yards, I will not take a shot at a game animal any further than that.

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